Six months later…here comes the helmet!

I cannot believe that 1/2 of a year has gone by since we’ve first met our little boy…seems more like a month ago.  People with kids have always said “Enjoy it while it lasts.  Time flies and before you know it they’ll be in college!”.  They weren’t joking.  We’ve already experienced our first ‘lasts’…last time he’ll have an ear-to-ear grin as we read him a Psalm before going to bed…last time he goes directly to sleep after eating…last time he’ll wear the Run DMC onesie I bought him.  But fear not…it was replaced with the red Adidas jump suit (which he’ll be able to wear for another 2 or 3 weeks, and then that’ll be a last):

Peter Run DMC 2photo 29

We’ve embarked on a new journey starting a couple weeks ago.  Enter “The Helmet”.  Our little guy has a flat spot on the back of his head, so for the next 2 months (fingers crossed and praying that it’s only 2 months) he’ll have to wear his little 6 oz. head shaper.  I think he looks even cuter with the helmet, but what do I know; I’m about as biased as you can get.


peter helmet

It’s been great to take a few walks as a family through the fall weather…one was a little colder than the others, but nonetheless, a lot of fun.

photo 33photo 30

His laugh brings a huge smile to everyone’s face…it’s the cutest thing in the world

Peter Laughing

And here’s our little guy in his 6-month photo…1 with, 1 without.  And there was another ‘last’ involved…the last time he would sit still for a picture and not rip the number off his chest.

photo 31photo 32







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