Here’s Mud In Yer Eye

Ahh, the joys of parenting.  The term “taking one for the team” took on a whole new meaning last night.  After a good 2-liters worth of expelled dookie, Petey was still straining to get something out (TMI…I know).  What more could be in that little 4 inch belly????  As he lay on the changing table grunting, chubby legs flailing, Heather held him down while I went eye-level to check out the situation.  “I don’t see anything wro…” and then BRRRRRRRT.  I got hit in the eye with a blast of brown wind and a speck of poo hit my cheekbone.  We both started laughing, Heather and I, and then to add to the excitement, Petey let loose and started peeing…in his ear…while laying down.  In today’s day and age of technology, why wasn’t someone filming this???  It was the perfect storm of chaos and laughter, and everything that makes this life wonderful.  All phree!  I’ve never been more happy to be crapped on…or should I say ‘at’?

The little boy turned 4 months old a week and a half ago.  He continues to be the greatest joy of our lives.  He’s getting so big and heavy and he coos like a champ.  He laughs often, and making him laugh has become our main focus in life.  It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  Here’s a video of him laughing with his grandparents:


Here are a couple pics…and yes, it’s all about the hair (him, not me):

photo 22photo 16photo 17photo 20photo 21



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