I Am Phree!


With my third trip to Seattle I’m still trying to figure out what this place is about, but I think I’ve now just pegged it:  grunge-Frasier-gay-tree hugger-punk rock-seafood-artsy-green…yeah, that about sums it up.  A very interesting blend of upscale and expensive, graffiti and green, homeless and downtrodden.  A Starbucks on every other corner, intermingled with swanky hotels and fine dining.  The homeless goth/meth crowd hanging out in the city center park with their cardboard signs and pit bulls.  All dressed in black, pierced and tattooed with strategically shaved and colored hair, sharing cigarettes and a few skateboards.  Street performers and food carts.  Starving artists and musicians looking for a couple bucks from the passer-by’s.  Glass and steel high rises dotting the harbor as a massive cruise ship takes on passengers for a jaunt up to Alaska. So very interesting, and like all major cities, a very evident distinction between the have’s and the have not’s.  People are very friendly and the food was very very good.  Even took in a Sunday church service at Harvest buddy Marc Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church downtown Seattle campus. It was refreshing to be around people that love the Lord.  They have their work cut out for them in what is known as the most un-churched part of the country, but don’t we all?

We even got to witness a mini-rock reunion as the group Anthrax checked into our hotel when we were walking back from lunch.  Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Duff McKagan happened to be walking down the street at the same time.  (what are the odds???)  A few “we haven’t seen you since Ozzfest in 2006” were exchanged as well as a “Hey, this is my town.  What are you guys doing tonight?”  We stood there taking it all in, Heather wondering “who the heck are these guys”.. me, having flashbacks to the late 80’s with my Blackberry phone hidden in my right hand, trying to capture this moment of rock history.  An unsteady hand and a couple of blurry pictures later they disappeared into the hotel and it was over.  We went up to our room and fired up YouTube videos on the iPad saying “Yeah, that was the guy standing next to us.  That was the guy in our elevator.” Ironically, in our first hotel we were on a themed-floor titled the Rock-And-Roll Floor, which had black and white photos from the Seattle grunge concert scene in the early 90’s on all the room doors.  As soon as you got off the elevator there was Cobain on Room #601…Courtney Love on Room #602.  I read that Duff McKagan was one of the last confirmed people to see Kurt Cobain alive.  Man, were we in Seattle or what??  I was waiting for Eddie Vedder and Steve Largent to have a coffee with us to round out the trip, but alas, no shows.


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