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Vancouver Rocks

Never in a million years did I think I’d ever say these words:  there is a North American city that is better than Chicago. Vancouver has a vibe that can’t be described.  Glass-and-steel high rises with a backdrop of Pacific-Northwest pine forests, mountains and ocean make this an incredibly beautiful city.  Same could be said for Seattle and I’m definitely not saying that Chicago is any less beautiful…just in a different way.  Rating these cities side-by-side clearly shows why Vancouver is slightly better:

Architecture:  Winner = Chicago.  All of Vancouver’s building are new, classy and clean, but they all look the same.

Environment:  Winner = Vancouver.  Ocean, mountains, lush greenery makes Couver the winner.

Food:  Winner = TIE, but slight edge to Chicago

Culture:  TIE.  Pretty even.

Sports:  Winner = Chicago.  Just by having those rat-bastard Canucks in their city makes Vancouver an automatic loser in this category.  Plus the CFL is made up of nothing more than guys that can’t make the NFL.

Weather:  Winner = Vancouver. Not even close.

Pace of Life:  Winner = Vancouver. Chill mode in a big city.  Great combo.

Friendliness:  Winner = Vancouver.

Racial Harmony:  Winner = Vancouver.  People get along here.  What a concept.

Cleanliness:  Winner = Vancouver, but not by a landslide. Has it’s graffiti here and there, but overall pretty clean.

Crime:  Winner = Vancouver, by a landslide. Chicago had 38 shootings last weekend.  I think all of Canada had 3.

Air Quality:  Winner = Vancouver, by a landslide.

Cost of Living:  Winner = TIE, both are expensive, but Vancouver might be slightly more expensive.

Public Transportation:  Winner = Vancouver.  Clean, easy to use, abundant and cheap.


Couple all of that with a food tour, a steep cable car ride up the side of a mountain, ski lifts, Canada Day parade, art museum, shopping, fresh seafood and fireworks and you have had yourself one pretty sweet vacation.

So get there if you can.  Even if you’re a die-hard Chicagoan like myself, and as hard as it may be to discard blind pride, you will be convinced that a greater city exists.  What other city has cops that stop to take pictures with you and compare bald heads??



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