Ever since I was a little boy I’ve been fascinated by weather. Thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rain, ominous clouds…even the elusive tornado (never seen one, but I want to…big time). After a day of golfing in the hot sun, evening approached and the once-blue sky started to darken. Minute by minute more storm clouds came on the scene, and within moments a large thunderstorm claimed the skies over Chicagoland. My eyes were the size of dinner plates as I ran to get my camera. The glory of God was everywhere, displayed in the unmatchable power of His creation. He is SO AWESOME!

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  • DannaRyan,

    I absolutely love your writing! Keep it up. Who knew you’d be such an expressive and insightful young man. And it is so refreshing to hear from people who talk endearingly about their parents and family. Love ya, Ryan!!August 8, 2011 – 3:53 pmReplyCancel

    • adminHi Aunt Danna! Not sure if I replied to this yet, but thanks a lot for your kind words. Glad you’re checking out my site! Hope you’re doing well in sunny AZ.December 31, 2011 – 5:43 pmReplyCancel