July 6, 2011 – What a day

Sometimes there are days in your life that are overwhelmingly flooded with emotion:  sadness, happiness, relief, love, complete joy, fear and appreciation.  Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 was one of those days.

We laid to rest my wonderful grandmother, Caroline DeCicco in the early afternoon.  Definitely one of the toughest trials that this life has to offer, saturated with a complex array of emotions.  Sadness that we will no longer see her on this earth…relief that she is out of her physical and mental pain…fear when reflecting on our own mortality and having to stand before the Lord one day…appreciation for having such a wonderful woman in our lives for so long…love for those family members that still surround us.

The circle of life is such a wonderful thing.  As we mourned the loss of our grandmother there was also cause for celebration.  It was a time to celebrate new things…a new day…a new era.  We have new family members to help us carry the torch forward…my wonderful, loving, supportive wife, Heather…my beautiful nephews, Jude and Jonah, and my precious niece, Lena.  On a day such as July 6, 2011 you do a lot of reflecting, and one thing was apparent…without Nan, none of these amazing blessings that we enjoy as a family would be here right now.  When you let that soak in for a minute there develops an overwhelming appreciation for those who have gone before us…our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents…and ultimately our heavenly Father.  It’s all about a legacy.  It’s all about what we do with our time here and how we contribute to others.   Our time here is not about ourselves.  It’s about the people that you love and your relationship with them.

I hope I leave a legacy like my grandparents did.  I hope that we all do you proud, Pop and Nan. Here are some pictures of what you have left behind.  Thank you.


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  • Susan CohenJuly 21, 2011 - 2:53 am

    These are some of the best family shots Ryan, what an amazing collection on a day that was one of the most difficult days
    in my life. There is a happy ending and a new beginning in the
    eyes of the children. Really beautiful! love, Auntie SueReplyCancel