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I'm so glad you're here!  One of my favorite pastimes is capturing life with a camera.  Sunsets, oceans, mountains, landscapes, family, food, architecture...this life is comprised of the clustering of millions of split seconds in time. And it's in these little moments where the wonder resides.  I hope you enjoy the photos, as well as my running commentary on raising our son...our greatest joy this side of heaven.  Hopefully you will be inspired to pay more attention to the world around you and notice the awesome things that surround us every day.

I recently heard it said best:  Your time is your life.  You are only given a finite amount of it, so what are you doing with your time?  There are no do-overs, and we are all one heartbeat away of posessesing no more of it. With eternity on the brink at any given moment, live a full life and take advantage of life while you have it.  Take nothing for granted, be thankful and appreciate the day you have been given!

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